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Why Consider Chest Increase?

Chest increase - type of the plastic surgery executed to increase the chest size. Women choose it, many times after weight and pregnancy loss but the same as it is frequent, chosen by women with asymmetric or smaller than a desirable breast.
According to the American Society of Cosmetic surgeons, increase - one of the most general types of the executed plastic surgery. For example, in 2006, 329 000 increases have been executed. The people increasing increase on 475 % with 1992 (!), the greatest increase of procedures of surgery.
Whether it is valid safely?
Chest increase was used with 1895 and safety of procedure which usually occupies one - two hours, has continued to improve. There are two primary types chest implantatov, everyone - saline soil to which give with a hydrochloric solution, and another introductions of the silicone containing gel of silicone.
In 2006, FDA has approved silicone introductions having marked their dangerous 14 years the previous.
Besides, according to recent research in which 24 000 Canadian women have been studied, at women who had an increase, is a bit less chance for a mammary gland than woman cancer which did not have this type of plastic surgery.
Patients really, however, should take some precautions during restoration.
Smoking usually is forbidden within at least month to surgery, both to smoking and intense activity immediately discourage within these two weeks after.
Women who have chosen at muscle placing, will feel more than a pain as the muscle has been cut during surgery.
There are no certain psychological samples connected with patients who wish to have chest implantaty. While from these patients usually young, healthy members of a high social and economic class are demographic; however, they suffer from low levels of self-respect and often suffer from depression because of problems with the body image, and could have even suicide attempt. The reason for anxiety - quantity of the teenagers having this type of executed surgery, uchetveryal with 2001.
Why consider chest implantaty?
While this procedure intends to give natural occurrence after restoration, breasts, less possibly, will settle, and they can be rounder than a natural fabric. The majority of women prefers these changes.
Since a choice of this procedure very personal decision, patients are extremely encouraged to discuss all questions and problems with their surgeons, including display of pictures of type chest implantatov which they prefer. The doctor, in turn, should explain the elections connected with a choice of the best type of expansion, such as cut type, placing, type of introduction and even requirement of introductions.
The social brand connected with this plastic surgery, has decreased to degree that to more information is accessible. Besides, the majority of women which have undergone to this procedure, would recommend it to another since self-respect, and the body image really very much improves.


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